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A young chef lives a culinary double life and risks it all

Son & Moon Trailer

2D animation


Aspect Ratio


A young man from a prestigious line of high cuisine chefs grows up expressing his love of cooking playfully. Despite his father’s wishes, he secretly trains with a hibachi chef at a tiny food stall at night and discovers he has a talent for it. His father catches him at the night market, but before he can reprimand him, the boy performs his heart out, which convinces his father to let him pursue his dreams.

Director Statement

“Son & Moon” is a 2D animated biographical short film with influences of Asian aesthetics and family values. The film uses color to show the two worlds of food that Young Moon must traverse in order to express himself and earn his father’s approval. As a story about overcoming the fear of pursuing what makes you happy, “Son & Moon” wants to tell the story of a person who wants to break from tradition and wander from the path set for him. It promises a warm relatable story accompanied by dynamic food animation that will make
mouths water.

Meet The Team

Saiya Lin | Director

Saiya is a Taiwanese-American 2D animator and visual development artist from Atlanta. He loves trying new foods and is constantly inspired by the world around him. He has a deep interest in storytelling and wants to create stories that resonate.

Lex Cooper | Producer

Lex is a Filipino-American producer from South Carolina. Their work centers around the celebration of identity and life. With their collaboration on Son & Moon, they hope to honor a delicious aspect of Asian culture. They currently live in Atlanta with their black cat named Friday.

Han Thar Htin | Animation Director

Han is an animator from Myanmar. He grew up watching a lot of animation, both Eastern and Western. His dream is to develop the animation industry in Myanmar or become part of the process in which animation will be taken seriously as a job. He is currently living in Atlanta.

Eden Liu | Lead Animator

Eden comes from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. He started learning art in his junior year of high school in Vermont. He grew up watching a lot of cartoons and anime, so he wanted to learn animation ever since he was a kid. He spends his free time working out, drawing illustrations, and playing video games.

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